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She waits, impatiently at times, and finally the little girl arrives. This picture book provides a touching insight into the mind of a person suffering from dementia. It is a rare and poignant picture book, handling a sensitive subject with respect and dignity. Its insights and beauty are derived from perceptive, lyrical detail, and stunning illustrations. This sweet tale is perfect bedtime reading, teaching children about the value of friendship and family over material goods. Aidan Moffat began his career as one-half of the wildly successful indie band Arab Strap.

He now records under his own name and the L. Pierre monicker. He came home only once a year, in the summer for two weeks. He smelled of the sea, my father. Soon he will discover a secret beyond anything he has imagined so far. Maurizio A. Quarello teaches illustration and has illustrated more than 15 books. They previously collaborated on The Little Eskimo. She brings him a round orange, a triangular sandwich, and a rectangular piece of chocolate.

Will Frog ever get her pretty hat back? She is busy and eager to explore with Grandma, but from dawn to dusk, she thinks about—and misses— her mama at home. Hands-on activities and elementary concepts of time and routines expand this picture book. Yang-sook Choi won the grand prize in the Publishers Art Competition.

Who Eats First? Ae-hae Yoon Illustrations by Hae-won Yang This colorful, creative book helps children understand math by teaching classification, organizing data, and predicting future outcomes. All of them are hungry and want to gobble it up. Maybe Gator will be first because his mouth is so big. Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to classifying and placing in order as well as organizing data and measuring expand this lighthearted story about friendship—and competition.

Math at the Art Museum Group Majoongmul Illustrations by Yun-ju Kim This charming and colorful book incorporates mathematical concepts by introducing children to a fresh perspective on math through art. But when the boy explores paintings and other masterpieces with his sister and their parents, he begins to understand there is math in art, both hidden and visible. He sees, too, that math in art is brilliant— and beautiful!

Hands-on activities and elementary mathematical concepts that relate to perspective, composition, symmetry, patterns, and other elements in artwork turn exploring art into an eye-opening adventure.

Tina the Tutu leaps into Spring. | 75 Books Challenge for | LibraryThing

They are based in Seoul, South Korea. Yun-ju Kim studied illustration in London and teaches at the university level. The sounds remind him of a time long ago, when as a young boy he had listened happily to birdsong. The carpenter quickly gets to work on a surprise that delights him and the birds—and soon they are they are all singing together! Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to addition and multiplication are illuminated in this gentle story that celebrates nature as well as creativity. Ju-kyoung Kim is the illustrator of several picture books.

But with a plan, lots of effort, and teamwork, they cook up a delicious celebration with all their friends—and Ruffer has more fun than anyone!

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Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to numbers and operations, including addition and subtraction, expand this story about a pair of clever and resourceful friends. Min-jung Kim has a degree in illustration from Induk University in Seoul, South Korea, and has illustrated many books for children.

Daily chores and seasonal activities become infused with special meaning when they are performed by this adorable creature. Kuma-Kuma Chan goes about his days in contented solitude, engaged in activities such as eating breakfast, gazing at clouds, listening to the rain, writing letters, and wondering where to go with his new bag. At night he watches the sky darken and brushes his teeth before bed. He gardens in the spring, trims his hair in summer, composes a love song in the fall, and seeks a warm, sunny spot on the floor in the winter.

Children and adults alike will take delight in repeating aloud the name of their new, steadfast storybook friend and look forward to spending more time in his imagined world. Timothy and Sarah: The Homemade Cake Contest Midori Basho A tale of civic action among a town of mice teaches lessons about teamwork, initiative, good sportsmanship, and the importance of relationships between old and young When Miss Flora visits the home of twins Timothy and Sarah, she laments to their mother that a building that was once a vibrant gathering place for the entire town is now dilapidated and considered by many to be haunted.

Together, Mother and Miss Flora come up with a plan to hold a cake-baking contest to generate the money needed to refurbish the building. As news of the contest spreads throughout the town, everyone from young to old responds with enthusiasm. When the day of the contest arrives, beautiful cakes of all shapes, sizes, and flavors are ready to be judged and then sold. Young listeners and readers delight to the fantastic cakes as well as to the surprising results of the contest.

The Homemade Cake Contest is the first English translation of her work. Looking for food he comes to a village where he repeatedly steals food and creates other mischief, constantly evading the angry villagers. One day Gon steals an eel in front of Hyoju, which he wanted to give to his sick old mother. Afterwards, Gon only gives mushrooms and nuts he collected in the forest.

Hyoju is grateful for the gifts, although he does not know where they come from. One day, Hyoju sees the fox sneaking around, and shoots him to death out of anger about the death of his mother, only afterwards realizing to his horror that the fox had been giving him the gifts all along. Pakkun the Wolf and His Dinosaur Friends Yasuko Kimura Children will enjoy choosing their favorite from this variety of cute, illustrated dinosaurs Pakkun goes after an egg that fell into a hole, and it leads to the world of dinosaurs!

He meets various dinosaurs and asks about the egg. Will he find it? So he climbs in his time machine with only a scooter, some cakes, and tasty doughnuts to aid him in his quest. When he arrives in long, long ago he spies a dragon straight away—or does he? This funny adventure story is a perfect rhyming picture book read for boys and girls. Adam Guillain is the author of the Bella Balistica series.

But there is one missing Little Something. No one knows where Little Hogwash can be. So everybody searches for him. Meanwhile, Big Something Trunky puts the finishing touches onto the scooter he is converting for the trip. The Little Somethings combine the collectability of the Mr. Men with the charm and appeal of classic picture book characters. Children will have fun pointing out the different characters with the Spotters Guide and enjoy the Something Missing game. His Kipper stories are the basis of a television show that was hailed by Parenting Magazine as a Top 10 show for children under five.

Cuddle up with Kipper! Kipper and Arthur are talking about baby animals. A baby owl must be an owlet, so a baby frog is a froglet and a baby hedgehog can only be a hoglet. But what is a baby dog called? A charming tale about animals, and growing up. Kipper is a bestselling classic character who has been in print for more than 20 years, and this lovely anniversary edition is a perfect gift for an imaginative child. His blanket is smelly and disgusting. But can Kipper find a better place to sleep? He tries a flowerpot like a bird, a nest like a squirrel, and a lily pad like a frog, but nothing seems quite as good as his old, worn basket and his lovely smelly blanket.

He manages to keep to this for a whole month, but in February it snows! This wonderful picture book explores the fun that Kipper and Tiger have every month of the year, through the photos that Kipper takes. Kipper is worried. Someone or something has nibbled a hole in his toybox.

When Kipper identifies the culprit he thinks his troubles are over—but they are only just beginning! Presents, or expecting presents? The text is soft-boiled, written out as if with a pencil, in large clear letters that children will be able to pick out and identify. Each volume is short and sweet. A REAL toucan. How will Wibbly and his friends ever get Tooky home? His Wibbly Pig stories are the basis of a television show that airs on Sprout. Again and again she mines familiar plots and transforms them into pure gold.

The illustrations will help children to recognize letter sounds and shapes. Each page has clear capital and lower case letters which are easy and fun to learn. The recognizable characters and inimitable style make learning the alphabet easy and enjoyable for young children. Alfie and Annie Rose make two, and take you on a journey all the way to Alfie has been charming children and parents for generations, but this is his very first Christmas. A perfect gift, this beautiful storybook invites young readers to join Alfie and Annie Rose for Christmas, and covers every Christmas milestone.

Alfie opens his advent calendar and makes cards and presents, he sings carols and decorates the tree, and he writes a special letter to Father Christmas. What will Father Christmas bring on Christmas Day? A Year of Stories and Things to Do Shirley Hughes A classic treasury of Shirley Hughes stories together with crafts, games, and activities for every month This wonderful collection from Shirley Hughes takes young readers through the year with best-loved stories and poems for every month and mood. There are activities for outside, on car journeys, in parks, on the beach, or inside.

This treasury will bring joy throughout the year, and for years to come. Shirley Hughes has written more than books, creating enduring characters like Alfie and Dogger, who have thrilled children and adults alike with their tales of growing up and everyday discovery. They both live in New York City. Charlie Girl and her canine pals are hanging at the Mondrian Hotel in front of a biscuit-shaped pool, being served water and biscuits. So they hop in their convertible wearing scarves reminiscent of the starlets of the s and following their L.

Charlie Girl, that lovable standard poodle and true cosmopolitan canine, is back and starring in a new adventure, one where the world as she knows it is turned upside down—a new baby is on the way! Everyone in the neighborhood leans over the baby carriage to admire little Ava while Charlie Girl, left on the side, wonders to herself what happened to her life. How can she be jealous and at the same time so protective of baby Ava?

The feelings shared in this tale apply to humans and dog relationships in families with new children or puppies. Equipped with a specially designed spacesuit, Max sniffs for signs of microscopic life. Will he find any? Read the exciting story to find out, and to learn how his trip to Mars helps his young friend Tori reflect on the beauty and fragility of our own planet Earth. Max Goes to Mars is more than just a fun story. This second edition is fully updated to incorporate the latest scientific discoveries about Mars.

Jeffrey Bennett, winner of the American Institute of Physics Science Communication Award, is an astrophysicist and educator who proposed the idea for and helped develop the Voyage Scale Model Solar System—the first science-oriented exhibit approved for permanent installation on the National Mall in Washington, DC. He lives in Boulder, Colorado. Easily understood by even the youngest of readers. Even longtime fans of this redemptive, powerful story will find themselves swept away by the stunning artwork, as it breathes life into this much-loved fairytale.

Alexis Deacon is an author and illustrator whose previous picture books include Beegu, which was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal, Cheese Belongs to You! And this edition will furnish not only a handy collection of familiar tales, but is a beautifully illustrated book which will be treasured for many years. He has illustrated books by authors such as Anthony Burgess. Then Toby meets a crazy cat called Humphrey. This is the story of a sparrow who worries about everything—whether there will be enough to eat, where he will build his new nest, how he will find a mate, and whether his family will be eaten by a bird of prey.

Then he hears about the Great Father who made and cares for all his creations, even the tiniest sparrow. Perfect for bedtime reading or when a child is facing a new situation, this story will calm young listeners. This collection of some of the best-loved tales in the world makes a perfect gift. The illustrations are charming and mischievous with bundles of characters bursting out of the pages. A delight to read, this volume will surely find its place among the treasured books of childhood.

Ag Jatkowska has worked as an illustrator for greeting cards and stationary as well as a graphic designer and photographer. She uses watercolor, acrylic, and Photoshop and her work has been exhibited at private shows internationally. Illustrations by Donovan Bixley New Zealand sheep join classic nursery rhymes for a new take on old favorites What is New Zealand famous for? What do little kids love? Nursery rhymes!

Join the two together and you have Little Bo Peep and More. Donovan Bixley is an illustrator and designer. He has also written and illustrated half a dozen books of his own, including Faithfully Mozart. A poem accompanies the whimsical illustrations, perfectly capturing the sense of awe and excitement of childhood.

Ashley Bryan is an author, artist, and teacher who was the first African American man to both write and illustrate a book for children. He lives in on Cranberry Island Isleford , Maine. She has toured across Canada several times and recently released her fifth studio album entitled Come and Go. She lives in Vancouver. In addition, a brief commentary accompanies each featured musical work. This vibrant, engaging assortment offers children an entertaining introduction to the French language.

From stories of friendship, family, discovery, and self-esteem to silly, snappy songs of one-of-a-kind barnyard animals, lullabies, and segments of classical music, children tune in to a variety of musical styles and multicultural experiences. The accompanying CDs provide children an opportunity to hear the pronunciation of the words and sing along as they learn the language.

Singers Thomas Hellman and Emilie Clepper breathe new life into old traditions, performing rootsy renditions of catchy songs written for children more than 50 years ago. Alan Mills was a Canadian folksinger, writer, and actor. He lives in Quebec City. Thomas Hellman is a bilingual singer-songwriter who won the prestigious Felix-Leclerc Award in Emilie Clepper is a musician who has opened for Martha Wainwright and Feist. She is the daughter of Texas singer songwriter Russell Clepper. They both live in Montreal. Hurry Up, Ilua! Illustrations by Nola Hicks A playful animal teaches readers about the elements of the Arctic and the dangers of procrastination.

Her parents, on the other hand, are always telling her to hurry up, to scurry here or there, but Ilua prefers to move at her own pace. But the winter is fast approaching and it will soon be the time of the year when Ilua and all the other squirrels must burrow deep underground to hibernate, and there is lots to get done before the family can hunker down. If Ilua relaxes for too long, she may just be left out of the den in the cold.

Nola Hicks is a teacher, a writer, and an artist. She lives in Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. Not content to simply be a wolf, happy and hunting with his pack, he watches the owls, wolverines, and caribou with envy, wishing that he could be like them. Wishing he could be anything other than a wolf.

When the magic of the land finally grants his wish, Wolf finds out that what he admires may not be what he really wants in the end. Alan Cook is an illustrator and visual developer. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Having never seen such lights before, Leslie is understandably shocked by them. Oolipika, on the other hand, knows that the ancient lights are more than just colors and that the mischievous, playful spirits that the northern lights hold can be dangerous.

This contemporary narrative introduces young readers to an Inuit legend about the northern lights, followed by an epilogue that explains the science behind this amazing phenomenon. Amei Zhao works in visual development and production design for TV and feature animation. Neil Christopher Illustrations by James Nelson Based on a pan-Arctic Inuit traditional story, this book continues the familiar trope of the friendly giant, while featuring some uniquely Arctic elements and scenery.

He loved to walk across the tundra, striding over the widest rivers and wading through the deepest lakes. He could walk across the Arctic in just a few days.

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But being so big, and traveling so far, Inukpak was often alone. Until one day when he came across a little hunter on the tundra. Thinking that the hunter was a little boy alone on the land, Inukpak decided to adopt him. Neil Christopher is an educator, a filmmaker, and an editor for Inhabit Media Inc. He is the author of several books on Inuit myths and legends for children, youth, and adults, including Arctic Giants and Ava and the Little Folk. He lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. James Nelson is an artist, designer, and cartoonist. He lives in Chicago. Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley Illustrations by Jeremy Mohler A unique combination of adventure and mythology, allowing the harshness of the folktales to remain intact and the adventurous spirit of the tales to shine through.

With comic book—inspired illustrations, some of which are paneled, this book presents these folktales as they were meant to be experienced, with all of the heart-pounding action and awe-inspiring creatures that Inuit mythology has to offer.

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Jeremy Mohler is an artist and illustrator and the founder of Outland Entertainment, which has served more than a hundred companies and individuals to develop ideas into full-fledged, finished products. He lives in Topeka, Kansas. Everyone knows that people are vicious, smelly, and impossible to train. So Rex is delighted when he finds a stray boy to play with. Having a pet person is just so much fun—or is it? This long out-of-print tale is a beautiful paean to peace.

She drew the cartoons Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe for the Guardian for many years, both of which were published as books, and the latter adapted into a movie. They board their magic rug and fly off fearlessly in search of it. But will their journey take them to where the incredible Green-Spotted Grissel lurks?

On a gray, gloomy, and unbearably miserable day, the two friends go in search of dinosaurs. There are aliens from outer space and some smelly dinosaur dung too! After so much exploring it is no surprise when they both fall asleep—which is when the real excitement begins. Find out what really happened to the dinosaurs all those years ago, what the Queen is doing on top of a Megalosaurus, and who wins a famous victory.

James Francis Wilkins has worked as a newspaper cartoonist and in the animation film industry, and now works as an artist. A lovely story of what it means to learn to be a friend. When she wakes in the night, Bear is gone. She looks all over her room only to find that her teddy has turned into a real bear.

Bear takes Eva on an adventure around the town at night. They play, have fun, and see other children with their animals while they are out. After rushing home before sunrise, Eva falls back to sleep. Was it all a dream? This great message about adventure and imagination is accompanied by soft, gentle artwork. They zoom around in fast cars, go on a balloon ride, and climb a building-block mountain. Wriggle and Roar! Are you tired of being you? There are rhymes to make you wriggle and giggle, shrug and sigh, snap like a crocodile, and slither like a snake.

The verse jumps off the page, and the snazzy illustrations add to the fun. Bright, bold, and accessible, these rhymes are packed full of noises and actions, making them perfect for joining in. Every letter in this offbeat alphabet book will make you smile, no matter how well you know your ABCs. Have you ever seen an Alligator in an Anorak?

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What about a Bear in a Bathtub? Or a Crab in a Caravan? Watch out for all sorts of animals in unusual situations as you skip through the alphabet from Alligators in Anoraks to Tigers in Tents and Zebras in Zoos. What question could possibly have such a silly answer? Children will love helping Little Answer to find his question in this wonderfully funny, interactive story.

Tim Hopgood has worked in the art department at i-D, followed by British Vogue. He is the author of Unpoppable, Wow! The Fairytale Hairdresser and Snow White Abie Longstaff Illustrations by Lauren Beard The fourth in a series of witty, modern retellings of classic fairy tales Snow White has fled from the palace and the wicked queen is on her trail.

With the help of seven musical dwarves, a magic mirror, and a dashing doctor prince, can Kittie Lacey save the day? All little princes or princesses will love the incomparable Kittie Lacey, a feisty, stylish heroine for whom no tangle is too troublesome and no frizz too fearsome. Jane Massey knows how to get the best from watercolor and textures, while Joyce Dunbar knows how to be original.

What better way to introduce little ones to a love of language and image? Does he dawdle like the tortoise, or does he dash like the hare? Well, what does Duck do? Does Duck dare? Young children can enjoy the book by themselves by following the charming illustrations. But this particular book of fairy tales has an unlucky imp inside. Dog must help his new friend by going deep into the Enchanted Forest, full of familiar characters, as they search for the witch to break the curse. Dog is always inspiring with his love of the world of books.

Here readers are rewarded with spotting characters and stories they know well, while Louise Yates gives her own unique spin on the fairytale landscape. The Astonishing Case of the Stolen Stories Anca Sandu Every single book in the kingdom has been stolen—can three daring detectives solve the case? Delightful details pack each page and will have young readers giggling long after the tale itself tails themselves?

Could the Big Bad Wolf be the thief? Or is the Wicked Witch the culprit? Join three lovably silly heroes as they face fairytale fiends, uncover astonishing evidence, and solve the ultimate nursery crime. She lives in Portland, Oregon. On Earth, Bobby wonders where the bubbles go after they float away, and million light years away, Bibble, an alien, wonders where bubbles come from. So Bibble makes himself a spaceship of bubbles and flies to earth, where he meets Bobby. Instead, he wants to be a unicorn with a gleaming white coat and a long horn that the other horses admire.

They use a shell from the beach for a horn and milk from the cows to paint him. Rachel Lyon writes in high-quality rhyme with a fantastic rhythm, and is the author of The Cautionary Tale of the Childe of Hale. Andrea Ringli is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Emma Levey is the author of Hattie Peck. Jake has got his net and he is determined to find out. Something is lurking down there! Follow Jake on his hilarious search, and discover what he really finds at the bottom of the pond! This rhyming story is packed with humor and fun and is perfect for lap-time sharing. The amusing illustrations hit just the right note with young children! Spink says that he left his pet at home instead of bringing it to school—but is it really as dangerous as he thinks? But Mr. Is it a bull? Is it an elephant? What could it be?

And is Mr. Spink really as brave as he seems? Hattie the Dancing Hippo Jillian Powell Illustrations by Emma Dodson Hattie has tried many kinds of dance, from ballet to tap to ballroom, but none of them seem to be working Hattie is a hippo with one thing on her mind—learning to dance. Will she have to give up on her dream? Maybe poor Hattie was never meant to be a dancer. Jillian Powell is the author of Hurry Up, Pony! She is the author of The Very Important Idea. But maybe Cow has an idea. On a Small Island Kyle Hughes-Odgers A story about using creativity to beautify where you live, featuring nontraditional and street art—inspired illustrations On a small island, in a gigantic sea, lives Ari.

Ari longs for the large ships to stop at his island, he longs to see remarkable things and to have interesting friends. On a small island, in a gigantic sea, Ari has an idea. A dazzling idea. An irresistible idea. A beautiful story about using your creativity to enhance the place where you live by renowned and award-winning artist and illustrator Kyle Hughes-Odgers. He is the illustrator of Ten Tiny Things. Dreamers Ezekiel Kwaymullina Illustrations by Sally Morgan We are the dream and the dreamers So begins this beautifully written story that celebrates the imagination of children at play.

It lends itself to interactive reading aloud with play-acting or actions. Sally Morgan has published books for both adults and children, including her acclaimed autobiography, My Place. They are the authors of My Country. The Last Viking Returns Norman Jorgensen Illustrations by James Foley A book about being the eldest child in the family, finding inner strength, and conquering fear Josh is as brave as a Viking warrior. And not much can scare a Viking. Not even bullies. When Pop takes the family to Viking World, the two littlest Vikings go berserk. They are the author and illustrator of the first book in the series, The Last Viking.

The Tobermory Cat Debi Gliori The delightful tale of a legendary feline Once upon a time, the little Hebridean village of Tobermory—off the west coast of Scotland on the isle of Mull—was fortunate to have among its citizens a very special ginger cat. Walking to the beat of his own drum, the Tobermory Cat rides in cars, drives big yellow diggers, and speaks to otters, making himself a legend in his own lifetime. I Know That! The little cattle Egret is anxious for Gaps to think of him as smart, and every chance he gets he claims to know almost everything about everything.

Refilwe is the story of the dreadlocked beauty who is stuck in a cave on top of a mountain awaiting her prince, Tumi. So I can climb the scraggy rocks! Zukiswa Wanner is a South African journalist and writer. They guard the precious art inside and welcome the crowd. B is for Chicago blues, the sound heard on the street. Jam with a harmonica and keep time with your feet.

And so the story goes. It is made for the early-reader set, but the rhymes and illustrations will have all generations of Chicagoans and visitors to the city smiling. She is a former copywriter for J. Walter Thompson. She lives in Winnetka, Illinois. He lives in Seattle. Whether on a coffee table or on the nightstand, this large-format book is sure to make any resident or visitor smile. Colorful graphics and whimsical rhymes take readers through a tour of the great places and icons of Texas. From armadillos to the Texas Zoo, this alphabetical tour includes the best of Texas, including Friday night lights, Texas longhorns, ten-gallon hats, and the best BBQ on earth.

Readers will follow Max on his busy day of sightseeing with stops at historic landmarks and lesser-known locations found in each city. She lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Liza Fenech is an illustrator and a graphic and product designer. She lives in Morristown, New Jersey. Max Explores the Beach follows Max on a busy day splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand, including fun activities that children will respond to while learning to develop their prelanguage skills. My New Zealand Book Learn to count—from one to one million! My New Zealand Colours Book This fun and educational book helps young readers learn their colors, pairing artwork with lively text.

In her castle lair, high in the mountains of Switzerland, lives a terrible dragon. In the village below lives a little girl called Mimi. When Mimi finds a baby dragon in the woodshed, she makes a brave decision that will bring joy and peace to the village forever. This heartwarming holiday adventure for the whole family is the perfect blend of magic, adventure, and Christmas cheer. Helen Stephens is the author and illustrator of How to Hide a Lion. This year Father Christmas has asked Rudolph to guide his sleigh on Christmas Eve, and he cannot wait!

However, first Rudolph must help Father Christmas prepare for the big day, and there are plenty of tasks for him to do. He has to decorate the tree, visit the toy shop, wrap presents, and bake pies. Lucky for Rudolph he has some fantastic friends who can help him—but sometimes they can be very mischievous and hide from him. Rudolph will need your help to find them. So what are you waiting for? Find Rudolph!

Danielle James is a freelance writer. Ruben Saillens — was a French musician, author, and pastor. Tiny Tots Christmas Lois Rock Illustrations by Kay Widdowson A bright, delightful story of the Nativity to share with tiny tots With splashes of color and friendly, smiling animals and people, this vibrant book is a great way to teach toddlers about the wonder of Christmas.

The clear text is easy to read aloud and the swirly, bright art style will capture the attention of any young child, with lots of little details to spot. They previously collaborated on Tiny Tots Bible. Christina Goodings Illustrations by Angela Muss Flip-the-flap to learn about the story of the first Christmas and guess who is hiding in this bright board book Learn about the story of the first Christmas with this bright flap book, ideal for toddlers who love a game of peek-a-boo!

Discover 12 flip-the-flaps with different characters under each depicted in bright collage artwork. They previously collaborated on Guess Who? Each activity is wonderfully simple with only a few steps to each craft and will give satisfying results in minutes—or hours can be whiled away with glittery embellishments. Crafts include festive paper holiday wreaths, felt elf boots, frosty forest greeting cards, many different tree ornaments, and a Christmas village with doilies for snowy roofs.

The grand, proud trees, oak, sycamore, and birch, are determined to fight the storm wind. But the humble little fir tree knows that it is more important to shelter the frightened birds and animals. When the storm wreaks destruction, she alone is unharmed. And far away, that very night, a baby is born in a manger. On which tree do the stars rest? The little fir tree, the one who had shown love. This beautiful Christmas tale is told with exquisite pictures of the woodland animals, and sparkles on the page. Not only do these crafts help you make a stable scene, some of the crafts can also be used to make stand-alone decorations and cards.

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  8. A section of the Christmas story is also told along with each craft. Extracted from My Very First Christmas, this is a perfectly giftable format. With gentle illustrations, this retelling of the Navity story is a book to treasure and read Christmas after Christmas. The Bible story is retold with echoes of the gospels and presented in a stylish cloth edition.

    Sophie Windham has illustrated many picture books and was short-listed for the Kate Greenaway Medal for Unicorns! He spends most of his time copying out pages from the Bible in beautiful handwriting, but on Sunday afternoons he invites the children of Willingford to come and read the Bible stories he has written out especially for them.

    Included in the back are instructions on how to make your very own illuminated manuscript. This beautiful hardback with gold foiling and linen quarter binding is a stunning and unique Christmas gift. Steve Eggleton is a sculptor who has become best known for his relief sculpture, which is strongly influenced by his love of medieval carving. With bright illustrations and simple, clearly laid out text, these retellings are ideal for beginner readers. These mini editions feature white or pink padded covers to make an ideal gift for the occasion or anniversary of a birth or Christening.

    Pat Alexander is the former editorial director of Lion Publishing. Leon Baxter was a life-long illustrator. The stories comprehensively cover key themes of the Bible; they are faithful to the meaning and spirit of the original Scripture. The imaginative style reflects the variety of the biblical text—riveting stories, reporting, poetry, history, letters.

    The Bible for Children is a visual delight, filled with illustrations that add meaning to the stories. The rich color and the exquisitely drawn faces and settings draw readers into the emotion and power of all that happens. This book for 7- to year-olds has the design and drama of a modern classic. Here are 21 of the very best, retold in simple words and appealing pictures. This collection features 21 Bible stories shortened and retold for young readers, making it perfect for story time.

    There are stories from the Old and New Testaments and it included some best-loved parables. Each story is retold in a short but continuous narrative, with cute and lively illustrations. The playful element is enhanced by text that interacts with the pictures by means of join-in onomatopoeic labels and speech bubbles so that they are fun to share with children. Lois Rock Illustrations by Roger Langton A bright, fully illustrated book for young readers to learn about the life of Jesus through 12 important stories These 12 stories each have an introduction to link its meaning to the world of the child and a closing prayer to say or to ponder.

    The volume also includes an introduction and glossary. Off the Wall Bible Tales Bob Hartman Illustrations by Woody Fox Bob Hartman, well-known for his storytelling talents, is tackling Bible stories again Following his popular Storyteller series and his Unauthorized Versions, Bob is retelling stories for a younger audience, but with the same mischievous slant that made the Unauthorized Versions so much fun.

    He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Who is Jesus? What did he do? With fun activities throughout, young children can use the stickers in the book to tell his story. Learn the story of Jesus, which is told through five double page spreads with spaces in the story to be filled in, and extra activities at the bottom of the page and at the back of the book.

    Who made this wonderful world and everything in it? Learn the story of Creation, which is told through five double page spreads with spaces in the story to be filled in, and extra activities at the bottom of the page and at the back of the book. Their stories reveal them to be ordinary people who are extraordinarily transformed. Margaret McAllister is an experienced author for children, first published in She specializes in historical fiction.

    Alida Massari is an award-winning artist. A Treasury of Wisdom Mary Joslin An enduring keepsake gift for a child that will appeal throughout childhood Just as the boats on the cover are guided safely into harbor by the lighthouse, this book offers advice and solace from turbulent times to its reader. A compendium of some of the greatest passages from the Bible and the heritage of the Christian faith, the book is arranged by themes, making it easy to find the right passage to suit at any time.

    The themes included are: wisdom, virtue, riches, self-control, life of faith, justice, love, forgiveness, hope, thankfulness, pilgrimage, and inner peace. A perfect gift for a child or adult, this collection is beautifully presented with linen binding, dust jacket, and ribbon marker. Francis Long ago, in the busy little town of Assisi, a wealthy merchant and his wife had a baby boy: Francis. They gave their son all the good things that money could buy. But when Francis was a young man, he had a dream telling him to work for God—to follow the example of Jesus in loving those who were unloved, and giving everything he had to serve others.

    Even the wild birds and animals seemed to listen to what he had to say about God, their Maker. For hundreds of years, the story of this good man of Assisi has brought hope and encouragement to all those who long to know gentleness and love in the world. In the third Short Vowel Adventure from Brave Mouse Books, Hen and her eggs are off on a wild, wet adventure, even though Hen is not the adventuresome sort. She would prefer to sit quietly in a warm dry spot until her chicks arrive. Luckily, she has a true friend in Ben, who responds to every new challenge with kindness and creativity.

    This is spring story, full of hope, humor, and the promise of new beginnings. She is the creative director of Brave Mouse Books. She lives in Ojai, California. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey. A Lion in the Meadow Margaret Mahy Illustrations by Jenny Williams A new Early Reader edition of this classic story from the hugely popular and award-winning Margaret Mahy When the little boy tells his mother he has seen a big, roaring, yellow, whiskery lion in the meadow, she decides to make up a story for him too and gives him a matchbox with a tiny dragon inside.

    Margaret Mahy — was the author of more than picture books and 40 novels. Brimming with historical detail, this gentle period piece strikes just the right balance between the fanciful and the realistic. It was very special and everyone wanted to see it, even a princess. One day at breakfast, they decide to go to sea, and an amazing adventure begins. They are 50 to words in length and focus on phonics and learning the alphabet.

    Mariam Seedat lives in Vancouver. Frances Ulrich lives in Seattle. The Blue Brook Bruce is a blue fish who lives in the blue brook and likes blueberries and blowing bubbles. How can he hide from the blackbird? Carl the Worm Carl the worm lives on a farm. He crawls to the barn and sees a horse eating corn. A bird tries to get Carl but the horse gets in the way. The Frog and the Fly Freddy the frog has a friend, Flynn the fly.

    When Flynn is frozen, Freddy helps Flynn get free to fly again. Where is Sheep when Moose needs help to cook? This phonics practice story focuses on long vowel sounds. It consists of picture books with approximately words relating to key themes to help students learn vocabulary. When they are all put into a pot to make soup, they have an unexpected answer.

    The story provides vocabulary practice for different foods as well as adjectives to describe taste. They are curious about Boo. The odd situations in the story help young readers to practice verbs around the house as they search for the answer to who Boo is. The Great Animal Race Travis Baker Many animals take part in a race in which each runs, hops, or jumps its way quickly to its home—except the turtle, who carries his home on its back! This story provides vocabulary for verbs as well as animals and their homes.

    The Working Months Travis Baker For every holiday, there is a hardworking character who has great responsibilities. In this story, these colorful characters introduce different holidays and celebrations throughout the year as children learn the calendar months. It offers a long list of new, original stories with approximately 1, words.

    Let Loose by Rae Davies

    How can David get through the day without being completely ignored? David must find clever ways to make people notice him. Together they embark on an adventure that takes them all the way to the moon, just so Morris can prove that the moon is made of cheese. He just wants to hide from his nagging mother and take naps under the yucca tree. Lazy Rip surprises himself—and the Clantons, too! No More Mr. Dawdle Cynthia Kennedy Henzel Simon always dawdles and cannot be trusted to get ready for the school bus on time.

    So the neighbor, Mrs. Crump, watches over him and makes him eat oatmeal for breakfast. Simon hates oatmeal! He assures his mother he can prepare for school himself, and she agrees to give him a chance. Will Simon succeed?

    Download Loose & Lethal: Dusty Deals Mystery Series Box Set: Books 1 - 3 (Dusty Deals Mysteries) PDF

    A smart turkey called Samson devises a plan to make the turkeys as special as the cows, who are allowed to roam free; the turkeys must learn to speak Moo. Will the plan work? With approximately 4, words each, the stories provide students the opportunity to expand their reading skills by witnessing character development and more complex plots.

    The Game Beryl Young Louise learns a guessing game from her best friend, Elizabeth, and she promises never to share it with anyone. But when Elizabeth stops coming to school to undergo chemotherapy for leukemia, Louise tells her new friend about the game. He decides to make some money so he can buy a hand-held gaming device to help him get through the summer. After a mysterious phone call, his father leaves unexpectedly and Marcus embarks on a thrilling chase through famous Parisian landmarks to solve a history mystery and find his father.

    The Striker Crystal J. Stranaghan Everyone on the soccer team avoids Jenny because she can hardly kick a ball without falling. No one passes her the ball, and she almost feels like she is not part of the team. She must find a way to improve her skills and to prove that she can be a great team player, but she must also keep true to herself. Unglued Cynthia Kennedy Henzel Brad has accidentally glued his book to the top of his desk.

    The teacher will be furious if she finds out! His friends try to help but every attempt to fix the problem makes it worse. Then, he thinks of the perfect plan. Blame someone else! How can that go wrong? He lives in Vancouver. Each story features a full-page color illustration. And their new friends are the cats who run the Cool Cats Cafe. Customers come from everywhere to try their chicken empanadas, and to swoon beneath the spell of their singing and steel guitars.

    Vroom, vroom, vroo-oo-ooom! Ursula Dubosarsky is an award-winning author of books for older readers. Terry Denton has written and illustrated many books. Can Coco and Alberta solve the mystery? The first in a new chapter book series featuring two mystery solving guinea pigs. Every day at the same time he sees a floating pineapple and every day he hears a terrible noise. What could it mean?

    Who could it be? Can Alberta help him unravel the mysteries of the perplexing pineapple? Coco Carlomagno, the well-respected if somewhat easily startled Chief of Police, has run into an unusually difficult problem. Could it be a message? How can he possibly decode it? In desperation he once again calls on his clever cousin Alberta to help him solve the puzzle of the looming lamplight.

    Chris Watson is an artist who has worked on many illustrated books, including the Beowuff series. Set in an alternate ancient Greece and Rome, the world is ruled by cats, and people have never existed. Join the Son of Spartapuss and his fiery friend Furia as they battle their way from gladiator school to the Olympuss Games. Packed with fun historical facts, this first part of the four-book series is a purrfect way to bring history alive for early readers! Join the Son of Spartapuss and Furia on their second adventure in an ancient Greece and Rome ruled by cats. The Olympuss Games is set in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, in a world ruled by cats.

    The Son of Spartapuss S. Meanwhile, the try-outs for The Olympuss Games begin. In order to win their places, S. Shoo Rayner is the author of the Olympia series. Can Brit find the bear and cheer him up before he is hunted down by horrid Drucilla and her angry mob? Ballistic Logistic The Legion want to build a road to transport their giant catapult.

    Then the soldiers start firing at the sheep. Can Brit save his beloved animals and their food for the winter? Will Brit have to crawl into the icy, rank sewer, or can his BIG new friend help him fix the heating system? Brit and his friends head to the orchard, where they meet the great wild boar, Gargantua. Can the Legion rescue them in time before they end up as boar food? With the help of a new young gladiator, Brit learns some unexpected fighting tricks. The locals are getting restless, and demand a sacrifice to try and end the drought.

    Will Brit and Festus be forced to give up their new best friend Romeo the rabbit? An accomplished artist and writer, she designed posters and book jackets as well as illustrated the work of other authors. Gobbolino has been delighting readers since With glorious illustrations and a new foreword, this hardcover edition is a truly special gift to treasure. Lockwood Kipling and W. They include the stories of Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves in the Indian jungle; Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, a brave mongoose; and Toomai of the Elephants, the story of a young elephant handler.

    Gloriously illustrated with the original line artwork, this beautiful hardcover edition of classic tales, first published in , is a truly special gift to treasure. Rudyard Kipling was a short story writer, novelist, and poet, and the first Englishman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

    Drake was an illustrator. Ben Fogle is a British adventurer, writer, and broadcaster. Robinson Foreword by Deborah Sheppard A heartwarming collection of the classic adventures of Teddy Robinson, the best friend any child could ever need A friendly, free-and-easy bear, A cosy, jolly, teasy bear Is always welcome everywhere. Like Me! Join Teddy Robinson as he has a birthday party, goes to hospital, and plays at the seaside. Teddy Robinson has been enchanting readers since his first appearance in Joan G.

    Robinson is best known for her most enduring character, Teddy Robinson, who first appeared in Deborah Sheppard is Joan G. Badudu Stories May L. What is it like when an Aboriginal child moves from a remote community into a mainstream school? May L. Angela Leaney is a professional illustrator.

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