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This is a cool place where one will see a hole to the right where we watched young lads jump down into the water. Help would be a long way off if one made a mistake. There is a tower of sorts to the left, head to the stone wall and point where the ocean currents meet and the waves can be quite a sight to see as they clash. It is my understanding that this is where South Point is and there are no cliffs at this point. The locals camp and fish along the stretch of the cliffs heading to South Point, this is not a beach.

There are port-a-potties but the smell is quite overbearing when we were there. There are artifacts and sights to enjoy. One other thing that was amazing was the direction that all of the trees seemed to be bent in. The wind has done a number on these trees. Upon arriving at the parking lot for the journey to the green sand beach, there were several locals with beat-up pick-up trucks soliciting visitors to ride with them to see the beach with the green sand.

However, we did ride in the truck with "Rodney" and it was a great experience as he narrated some local history during the trip out. There are many splits in the road and for the unfamiliar, driving to the beach in a 4WD rental vehicle, it will probably get you in trouble because of the condition of some of the roads and the fact you don't know where you're going. On top of that, it was a real hot day and there is no shade on the route.

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We heard a couple people at the beach say they had wished they had taken the ride. The green sand was very interesting. There is a steep walk down to the sand from where the truck drops you off. On one section of the path, you are on a ladder that resembles the steep steps on a navy ship. We had an amazing time at these points..

You can choose to hike to beach but that would take some time as it is quite far. Another option to beach is that have local service who would drive you to beach for 20 dollars one way. Path to beach is not proper road. You would need Jeep. The path to Green Sand Beach was a great experience.

And South Point you should keep it for end of the day for watching sunset. We had our first sunset at that amazing place and its a memory for a lifetime You can sit at the tip of the cliff.. Went based on reviews and was disappointed that it wasn't green--just a different color-could see green specs when I picked up a handful of sand.

We took the shuttle down a 3 mile very dusty, bumpy road and were not prepared to swim. The swimming did look fun and perhaps if I had, I'd rate it higher. Walking there looked like it would be very hot. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Cart 0. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join.

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Date of experience: March Among other alarming effects, it created twenty-foot waves in the middle of Lake Michigan, six hundred miles to the west. The devastation in places like Brigantine—and in the Rockaways, in New York—was especially severe. I visited Brigantine two years after Sandy struck, and saw damaged houses that had been raised onto elevated concrete-block foundations in the hope of protecting them from future storm surges.

Houses were still awaiting their turn with booked-up contractors; one looked like a doll house, because an exterior wall was missing, revealing the rooms inside. The barrier island on which Brigantine sits is part of a semi-continuous chain of skinny, shifting accumulations of sand that lie a short distance offshore along much of the Gulf Coast and most of the way up the Eastern Seaboard. Robert S. The rapid growth in construction has been driven by lax land-use ordinances, below-market flood-insurance rates, the indomitability of the human spirit, and, mainly, the willingness of Congress to cover much of the cost when the inevitable occurs.

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It allocated a little more than forty-nine billion dollars for a long list of relief efforts, including more than five billion for the Army Corps of Engineers. Then, suddenly, after Sandy, they all became practical. Two red-hulled dredging ships were anchored offshore—one in federal waters, three miles out, the other much closer. The far ship vacuumed sand from the ocean floor, fifty feet down, and when its hold was full it switched places with the near ship, which had pumped its own load into a submerged steel pipe that ran all the way to the beach. As the far ship filled, its hull slowly sank from view; as the near ship emptied, its hull slowly rose.

A dozen porpoises swam past, between the near ship and the shore. On the beach, a dark torrent of sand and seawater gushed from the open end of the pipe and through a cagelike screen—whose functions included filtering out unexploded surplus munitions, which the American military dumped in the ocean following the end of the Second World War.

Dozens of wading gulls picked edible items from the slurry, and workers with bulldozers and bucket loaders shaped the pumped sand into an extension of the dune I was standing on. That dune, which rose more than twenty feet above the water, looked more like a levee than any natural beachscape. It was roughly trapezoidal in cross-section—a long, unbroken loaf of sand running most of the length of the island, with sprigs of beach grass growing in evenly spaced rows on top of the completed sections, like hair-transplant plugs.

When the project began, some homeowners complained that the dune would block their view of the water—as was certainly the case in my ground-floor room at the Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel, in Ship Bottom. A woman watching the Great Lakes crew from the same spot told me that she owned one of the houses now protected by the dune. Her house was very large, and, like virtually all the houses closest to the ocean, it stood on what looked like a grove of buried telephone poles: a foundation made of wooden piles, whose purpose is to allow storm surges to pass under the habitable spaces.

She said that the heavy machinery on the beach was making her whole house shake. Think of the undeveloped portions of Fire Island. A storm will take sand from the front and blow it on top and across, and the island will grow on the back side. Barrier islands are dynamic systems, and they actually need storms, because plants and animals indigenous to the islands are adapted to them.

The problems start when people begin to think of mutable landforms as permanent property. Building houses and creating artificial dunes to protect them are mutually reinforcing interventions, because the houses turn the dunes into necessities and the dunes make the houses seem rational. As in Dubai, the seafloor suffers.

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Young told me that most of the specific effects are still unmeasured and unknown, because the places from which sand is taken are hard to monitor. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which is part of the Department of the Interior, funded surveys after Hurricane Sandy to collect core samples from the outer continental shelf. I went back to the dune that evening. The Great Lakes crew was still there, a little farther up the shore, working under lights.

The Corps expects to rebuild the entire system, from end to end, on a four-to-six-year cycle. And then again, and then again after that—until either the money has run out or the ocean has risen too high to be held back by sand. Recommended Stories. Sign in.

SpongeBob and Patrick are lying wounded on the beach, apologizing to each other for trying to destroy the other. The life guard shows up and furiously points out the mess of debris and destruction left by the fight as the two see they went too far. The lifeguard demands they clean up after handing them brooms. They do as he says, tidying the beach up to its original condition but soon begin to compete with each other over who could do so faster as dusk approaches. Well put, general.

Are you okay?! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. They decide to take the bus. Throughout the ride, they anger the driver and passengers by constantly saying "Day at the beach with my best friend. The two believe they're lost until SpongeBob is hit by a Volleyball, indicating that they made it. As they play on the beach, they inadvertently destroy the life guard tower.

The life guard, angry, suggests they play in the sand somewhere else.