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In addition, you do not incur a chance of arcane spell failure for arcane spells cast or stolen from other classes, but only if you are wearing light armor. You incur the normal arcane spell failure chance when wearing medium or heavy armor or when using a shield.


Special : A spellthief does not incur a chance of arcane spell failure when casting spellthief spells in light armor. He incurs the normal arcane spell failure chance for other arcane spells he casts, including those stolen from arcane casters. Master Spellthief Type : General Source: Complete Scoundrel Your arcane studies allow you to mingle arcane magic of different flavors for great effect.

I guess i'm just THAT lucky. Comment by YaKenok 5 kills and hes drops formula.


Also, when fought in groups, any DoT or other magical debuff placed upon another enemy mob will be absorbed to the Spell-Thief. This ability seems to occur around every 8 seconds or so. These guys look like Bash'ir Raiders, the only difference is that they're carrying magical blades that are larger than the Raider's blades.

Comment by morfeas it took me just 32 mobs to take the recipe. Well gl to all that try it. Comment by Olster I guess I got lucky. This enchant dropped for me after 10 or so kills. Shouldn't be too difficult to farm this.

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The mob is plentiful and you will find them everywhere, especially next to the tunnel-esqe structures. Three spawn here, one patrolling through the center and two on the sides. Comment by archanfel I seldomly post here but this is just too much for me to not share: So I read all the posts and take a good look at the 0. Right after I land, the very first kill, boom there is the receipe. I lol'd irl and all the "I hate you" from other enchanters in guild chat only make the experience so much better.

Comment by Corbon After formerly farming the Razaani's for days without luck, I rechecked the recipe drop location on Wowhead, only to find out that the Bashir Spell Thieves seems to have a much higher drop rate. Well they DO. If it weren't for a couple of random blues and my reputation with the Consortium being raised by 3,5k from all those key drops, I'd have to say "thanks for the time spent". Comment by recentlykilled i have been farming for the enchant recipe for multiple days, and i have probably killed a couple hundred of these guys, what gives?

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Comment by Limbero You can get this with enchanting skill , I just did, I got it on my 2nd kill. Comment by paladingod Took me two days to get the enchant, but in the meanwhile I had fun with these guys. As a holy paladin, I found I could easily do this 5 mobs at a time.

The only issue is that if you are going to use Paladin AoE tactics in here, just be wary of the casters. If you get one, deal with him first. And try to not get more than one. Also, AoE in here had many benefits as I got full stacks of netherweave and 50 apexis shards and 4 ethereum prison keys while farming for the chant. It was seriously the first time I had fun farming.

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  6. Comment by Maxfuchs It dropped on my second kill. I was prepared for at least an hour of farming. So I stayed around and farmed anyway. Proved quite useful as a Tailor. You can also get the Apexis Shards in here. But you knew that. Comment by imbuu Took me kills to get this sucker to drop the formula, but as a Warlock it only took me about an hour and 45 minutes.

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    Comment by Samanosuke Got it in an hr. Fly to each location if you don't feel like messing with the others. They can drop some good stuff including motes of mana, but if you are pressed for time definitely fly. Make sure you can differentiate between raiders and spell thief. Otherwise you will be wasting time accidently killing raiders who don't drop it.

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    Comment by zelekt Now adays there are daily quests on killing these mobs, so the droprate on wowhead will be even lower, but dont let it scare you. Comment by lanrith I got it on the 3rd mob. Comment by fatt The Spellpower formula only took kills for me. Im a rogue. So i only killed wat i had to. Took no more than a half a hour considering i went there having no idea where they spawn.

    Easy farm, and a great chant. Comment by Mindburn Got the Major Spellpower after 6 mobs. Lucky me? Comment by teth This makes absolutely no sense At the moment I have 85 Apexis Shard in my inventory. And have I found the recipe for major spellpower on weap? No of cause not. Nice dropchance. Comment by Madaleine I lucked out for once. Farmed for this recipe tonight and after about 15 kills it dropped. One of the easiest recipes I've farmed for so far. Good luck and happy hunting to all!