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He has a Ph. He held post-doctoral research fellowships at the U. How to get here from the closest airport. Alexey Egorov , Geospatial Analyst. Haiyan Huang , Postdoctoral Fellow. Lin Yan , Assistant Research Professor. Hankui Zhang , Assistant Research Professor. Pedro Valle de Carvalho e Oliveira , Ph. Roy's salary salvage]. November ]. May ]. Roy, D. Principal Investigator , Yan, L. Roy and his team who have a proven capability in assessing, processing and developing products from Landsat and Sentinel-2 data.

They will: 1 develop Landsat and Sentinel-2 processing, involving assessment and development of algorithms and development of Sentinel-2 ARD comparable to the Landsat ARD, and reflectance correction to nadir BRDF-adjusted reflectance NBAR ; 2 undertake quality assessment and characterization of the consistency of the Landsat and Sentinel-2 ARD; 3 investigate the utility of the data to develop annual land cover products using the state of the art non-parametric supervised classification approaches; 4 investigate the utility of the data to develop timely land cover mapping within the growing season and near-real time NRT change detection; 5 assess the expansion of tasks to global scale, including making recommendations concerning the development of a global ARD, 6 through these integrative activities make informed recommendations for and provide feedback on planned Landsat observational capabilities.

Department of Interior, U. This proposal will prototype a global burned area product by combination of NASA-USGS Landsat-8, ESA Sentinel-2A, and ESA Sentinel-2B data and is directly responsive to the primary focus of the call - developing algorithms and prototyping products for combined use of data from Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 toward global land monitoring, and advances the virtual constellation paradigm for mid-resolution land imaging.

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This course describes the science, algorithms, and computational approaches to generate and assess derived satellite products for long term Earth system monitoring. Emphasis is on the principles of optical remote sensing to nm and state-of-the-practice quantitative algorithms for estimating biophysical and geophysical land surface variables from remotely sensed observations.

The course provides insights into how space agencies, and in particular NASA, goes about these tasks. Understanding of the fundamental principles of remote sensing, physics, calculus, statistics, and computer literacy is required. South Dakota State University F. Butler Award for Excellence in Research, Claudia Kuenzer, C.

S, , Satellite remote sensing of fires, chapter 5 in Belcher, C. Justice C. Csiszar, I. J, Prins, E. Korontzi, S. Hill and Niall P. Hanan, eds. Boschetti, L. Masuoka, E. Justice, C. P and Justice, C. King, Claire L. Parkinson, Kim C. Partington, Robin G. Williams, Lake wind. Ten years of WELD Landsat satellite data products are freely available for the CONUS and Alaska, providing improved opportunities for the generation of large-area, long-term, high spatial resolution data records and for terrestrial analysis and monitoring.

In for all the CONUS a total of 4,, fields were extracted with mean and median field sizes of 0. Download data and project information. Creating internally consistent global composites over time requires rigorous production and quality assessment protocols. Fire-affected areas detected using MODIS satellite data within a km by km region encompassing the southern border of Zambia, the northern border of Zimbabwe, and western borders of Mozambique borders shown in white.

The location and approximate day of burning is mapped over 5 months of the dry season from May 1st Blue to October 31st Red Lakes Kariba and Cahora Bassa are shown as grey. Li, Z. Dwyer, J. In Press. Helder, D. Remote Sensing, 10 9 , Zhang, H. Yan, L. Wulder, M.

Li, F. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, , — Egorov, A. Kumar S. P, Li, J. You are getting really good reviews. Roy Z: Cool.

But I remember when Chemical Wedding came out a lot of people were disappointed that it didn't sound like Accident of Birth. People did not see the album for what it was. And now people compare this to Chemical Wedding and they got it all wrong. You don't do that! It's stupid to do the same album all over again. We are artists not factory workers. We live and breath and we change. To me it was a conscious effort to make it Bruce's record. It's an album that's always gonna be around. Its an album that got some classic songs on it already.

Mattias: This time around you did not have a band to work with, as we discussed earlier. Is this the way that you will continue to work? Just you and him and session musicians? Roy Z: It's just the way this one turned out. If Bruce really wants to work with someone he will tell me. And then we'll work that way. We used to do a lot of rehearsing for the previous albums.

But it was mainly to get everyone else up to speed. Mattias: But wouldn't you say that you get another sort of feel for the songs if you play them in a band situation before you actually record them? Or do you feel so confident on how the end result will turn out that you don't really need to do that? Roy Z: This is how it went down. Most of the songs on the previous ones were written by Bruce and myself.

I would programme the drums I would play bass most of the time on them, That's how we did it. So those guys would learn the drums and bass parts. Eddie would throw in little things here and there I agree. Same with Dave Ingraham. Some times he pushed it here and there. But the demo was the blueprint. Even for Bruce, cause he had heard it in a certain way in his head. And then it was Adrian's songs which basically was the same thing. He would demo them and we would learn them pretty much the way the demo was.

Mattias: So he brought finished demoes with drum machine for you to listen to? Roy Z: Yeah. Having said that I think there was a certain band chemistry there, for sure. But most of the time we just showed each other what the hell to play! No one to balance up for. Did that make you approach your guitar playing differently?

Roy Z: Yeah it did. I could easily have done Adrian type lick on it. But I didn't. I just did what I thought needed to happened on each song. On some maybe I went over the top. I was thinking in the terms of guitar like I did when I was The things that impressed me. I tried to do those things. Do you see what I mean? This is how I see guitarists. This is the cycle. When they are hot and young they play amazing stuff.

They're on fire and when they get older they try to work more on their vibrato and feel and stuff. I tried some "feel" on the songs that needed some of that but on the ones that did not I went all out! All bullets blazing. I just tried to make it exciting. When Adrian play he plays so melodic that I had to come with some fire. Mattias: Yeah, that's what I meant when I was talking about "balancing up". I can't do it like him. He is a unique talent. He is brilliant. But if Bruce thought it was a missing element I am sure he would have said "Lets call him up".

So consciously or unconsciously I just went for it. I didn't wanna do solos like a yawn. I think a couple of solos you could sing. Like "Navigate the seas of the sun". To me there is the perfect balance of speed and melody on this album for heavy metal. Mattias: What are your feelings on downloading? Roy Z: What people don't realise when they are downloading. Is that they are actually diminishing the quality of the music that they are gonna get in the future.

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Because they are eating away of the budget. Artist will still make their money cause they do tours and sell merchandise. But the producers and the studios are all going under. The quality is going down hill. Mattias: Studios here in Stockholm have gone down. Cause no one was prepared to pay for it. Lots of studios I have worked in are all gone. It's harder and harder to make quality records. I am not saying that people should not download but it's decreasing our chances to make quality records.

Some people say that the new one doesn't sound as good as "The Chemical wedding" and that's fine. They can say that. But the bottom line is that we are restricted with time. We can't put in the time that we used to do. Mattias: When you work as a producer what do you see as your greatest strengths? Roy Z: I have some strengths and some weaknesses.

My main strength is just to communicate with the artist and figure out what their vision is and try to make it happen for the album. I try to be cool with everyone, try not to be an asshole. Make their vision happen. Mattias: What part do you like the most. Work on the performances? Work the songs? The sounds? Roy Z: I love the song writing. I must say song writing and performing live is my favourite things to do. Mattias: But if we are talking about when you are in the studio. What are you priorities?

Roy Z: Song is number one. Performance number two. Sound number three. These are my priorities. I got to make clear we have good songs, if not we got to do something about it right away. Then we go through the parts. See so that it's in the right key for the vocalist. If it's not we have to adjust. And that's learning from experience. We have lost some good songs because they were in the wrong key. I can tell you that we lost some mean, mean songs during Accident of Birth and Chemical Wedding that just were not in the right key.

Mattias: For example? Roy Z: No! They never made the album! They are still on a shelf somewhere. These are the priorities Mattias. After that individual performances. That's it. Artists vision all the way. I figure out what the artist wants, get the blueprint then just go for it. Mattias: Can you tell us something about Stan Katayama? Roy Z: Stan is great. Stan alleviates a lot of the things that drives me up the wall, where I second guess myself.

Stan is a excellent engineer. Very methodical, takes his time. Really tries to give you what you want. He is also versatile. He has been a part of the sound from "Accident of Birth" and on. He has been a real important gem in those sounds when it comes to the overall drum sound and the overall mix. He is just great to work with and that's all I have to say.

Mattias: Talking about production. You yourself have become one of the more known names in modern day Heavy Metal. What do you think about your competition? Roy Z: There are a lot of great guys. Sometimes I hear productions that makes me go "Holy shit these guys are on fire! I think my strengths are my strengths and their strengths are their strengths. What I would like to do in the future is pair up with one of those guys and go for a "super production" - if you wanna call it that. Cause sometimes it seems as if one is stuck in one area and another in another area.

I think its gonna take two very talented dudes to really make something over the top. There are so many guys I could start naming but if I don't name some other guys I think is good I don't think its fair. Mattias: If I put it this way. If you and Bruce were to make another album and he said that he wanted you to bring in another producer; what would your first suggestion be?

Roy Z: Honestly it depends on the style we are gonna go into. If it was the same? Is that what you are asking? Mattias: You can start off with that. Did a fucking fantastic job. Talking about producers I have worked with other producers in the past like Richie Podoler, Joe Barresi both really good.

Some guys in Europe Andy Sneap does really well engineering work. As far as production I don't really know what he does put he seems to do a pretty good job. Over here; Greg Fiddleman. A good friend of mine who produced that last Foo Fighters Nick Rusilanicks. Nick and I always talked about working together. Actually we did on "Puya" but that project got shelved. There are so many guys I can keep going on and on. Mattias: That's a wide selection. Roy Z: It is cause I am into so many styles of music, I'm not just into heavy metal. Daniel Lanois!

Come on dude! For tribe of Gypsy's I'd love to have Daniel Lanois! Mattias: He is amazing. Roy Z: He is amazing dude! I think to myself "One day I am gonna get that guy to produce us". Mattias: It would be interesting to hear him working on a really hard album. Cause the way that he works with sounds it would be interesting to hear what he would do with a loud distorted guitar, if you see what I mean? I think it would sound massive. Roy Z: Massive and I think it would just be one guitar. I really like his productions. Something like that would be interesting for me as well to work with some one in Heavy Metal.

It would just have to be an artist with a shit load of money. Mattias: Would you like to tour this album? Roy Z: I would love to tour this album. Touring with Bruce is fun. I did not realise it until towards the end how much fun we were having. I hope he decides to tour on this one. Mattias: It's too good not to tour. But if the fans really want it they got to speak up! Cause we are listening. Mattias: Well, I am telling you right now; Go on tour! At the end of the day its up to Bruce himself. The sooner the better for me cause of my schedule.

Cause I am going to take more work. Mattias: Do you have any big projects lined up for you? Roy Z: You know Mattias I do. But I can't talk about them right now. The deals aren't done yet. But I can tell you that there are things coming my way that I am looking forward to.


Things that I am excited about, that I want to do. But I am also trying to leave time for Tribe of Gypsy's. Mattias: You have had some change in the personnel in Tribe of gypsy's. Dave Moreno is playing for you Roy Z: Dave Ingraham we lost. He had to bow out. He joined the Young Dubliners. I love that guy a lot, he knows I do.

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I am happy for him. Eddie is now in a position were he is a full time family man, a father. Sometimes people grow out of it. Mattias: So what is the sound of "the new Tribe"? Roy Z: It's the same really. Very Roots. Very organic, heritage sound mixed together with influences. Some very aggressive stuff, some eclectic.

And some really "song songs" if you see what I mean. The plan is to release an E. Mattias: You got a new singer now? Roy Z: I think so yeah. In two or there weeks we are going to unveil everything. A new photo session. All will be unveiled in three weeks or so. Later we will start to book some gigs in California. Mattias: Any record deals?

Roy Z: We're just gonna make the product and talk to our labels or former labels or whatever they are. If they want it they can have it. Mattias: So "Tribe of gypsy's" are your main priority now before you head on to any other big recording projects? Making this album or EP is my main priority right now. Mattias: You know there is a 5. Have you heard it? What do you know about it? Roy Z: I have seen it around. A friend of mine has it. But it's a thing I am standing away from right now. Cause I am also starting to do 5. I just want to have my own style so I try to not listen to other peoples stuff right now.

Mattias: So you have not been involved in the mixing of it. Roy Z: No, it's someone else. Bruce have talked about in the past about doing Chemical Wedding and Accident of Birth. So if he wants to I'm ready.

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Mattias: I have noticed that there are alternative mixings of Road to Hell and Accident of Birth on the Best of album. What is the story behind that? Roy Z: There is always alternative mixes lying around. We do five or six. Bass up, drums up, vocals up, guitar and so on. And then we just pick the one out of that.

So maybe someone picked another mix by mistake or maybe on purpose. Mattias: Tell me about Tribuzy. You were on it, Bruce was on it and Chris Dale was on it. Roy Z: This guy is smart! I don't know how he does it but he gets all these guys on his CD. To me he just comes across as a really good guy. I love the Brazilians, they are the salt of the earth. Very beautiful genuine people. He just asked me and I said yes and then he said Bruce was gonna be on it. So I recorded Bruce vocals while he was here working on Tyranny of souls. Mattias: So he just called you up and asked if you want to play guitar on my record?

Is it that easy? Roy Z: No. I got an e-mail asking me and he said all these other people was gonna be on it. I noticed my friend Roland Grapow so I called him and asked what's up with this? And he said "I don't know but Kiske is gonna do it" and then I found out Bruce is gonna do it! Mattias: And you did not know about that?

I didn't find out until after I said yes to it. You have been working really hard now for while. Or are you still working as hard but with the Tribe of Gypsy's? Roy Z: Like I said. I am working on some projects that I really can't talk about right now. But ToG is top priorities. Get the line up ready.

But working with ToG does not bring in any money, it's more a labour of love so I have to fit that in between my production jobs in some way. I'd love to give up all the producing to be a full time artist. But you know it's not every day that a Bruce Dickinson or a Judas Priest will call you up because they want you to work with them. So I am lucky in that respect. I am humble and I am thanking the powers that be. I thank them so much. Call it God or Destiny, I am very lucky.

I don't take it lightly. Mattias: You have been very protective on the subject of your personal life and your background. I have searched the net and really just found that you are a bit of a sportsfan. But nothing else really. And I have been given the impression that you are kind of reluctant to talk about such things. How do you feel about that today? Roy Z: If you ask me questions I'll answer them. I'm not shy. But I am a kind of person that likes to stay a bit private. But it does not hurt to ask. It's true I wanted to play sports before I wanted to do music.

But then I got injured and could not do it anymore. But I still love sports. What else do you want to know? Were I am from? Mattias: Yes, things like that. I know you grew up in LA somewhere. Roy Z: I grew up in the valley in a place called Pacoima. I was born there, I was raised there until sixteen then I moved out of home. I still live really near there. It was a very very bad part of town. Its famous cause Cheech and Chong used to use it to It's a really bad place to be from.

A lot of shootings. A lot of gang activity. Lots of friends of mine are either in jail or dead.

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People that I grew up with. But it's a beautiful part of my life cause we were happy! I did not know that I was poor. I come from a very traditional family, very family orientated. We still see each other all the time.

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Very close knit. I am proud of who I am and what I do and where I am from. And I love music! Mattias: When did you find music? Roy Z: They say that I was always pretending to play the piano or grabbing a little guitar when I was very very small. I have always been around music. I have always loved The Beatles, Led Zeppelin all of that stuff. So since a very young age music has been a big big part of my life. Mattias: Do you come from a musical family or was it something you searched for? Roy Z: There was always music around but no one was musical. I think I was the fist one in our family to play.

I remember I started on accordion when I was in school. Mattias: Accordion!? That's metal. Roy Z: Yeah dude! You should put it through the Marshall! Mattias: You should have that on your next one! If I remember how to play! Music is a refuge. Growing up were I grew up you did not have to many escapes. My brother used to play music, he still kind of does. My brother is an artist. He directs cartoons now.

And he writes his own music for them. It's wonderful. I always thought that sports was gonna be my way out of the ghetto, but its wasn't. I was lucky.